One of the most important things any woman can do for younger looking skin is to constantly moisturize their skin.  There are a multitude of moisturizers on the market in every price range imaginable.  Some women are willing to pay out big bucks for products that will magically slow down or stop the aging process.  “It is believed that the Americans are obsessed with anti aging concepts because the number of men and women put together who buy anti aging products is more than 9 million.  It doesn’t need to be that way though, youthful looking skin need not break the bank. 

Moisturizing the skin after cleansing and exfoliating can be budget friendly if a person knows what to look for.  There are a few moisturizing products that I just swear by and keep in the house at all times.  One cream that might work for all skin types is “St Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer”.  This cream comes in a white jar with purple lettering and is usually found on bottom shelf at most Wal-Mart’s and Walgreens stores.  Another product I use quite a bit is “Jergens All Purpose Face Cream” that can be found at most Wal-Mart’s and Walgreens stores.  It comes in a pink and white jar with a pink lid and is designed more dry and mature skin.  This cream can be used as a makeup remover or moisturizer with equal success.  “Pond’s rejuveness” is yet another moisturizing product that is wonderful for dry or mature skin.  It is also in most discount stores and drugstores.  Last but not least, the heaviest cream that is good for nighttime moisturizing is “Nivea Cream” that comes in a dark blue jar and can be found at most discount stores as well as many drugstore.

Like most people I am always on the look out for economical moisturizers that will keep that aging clock at slow or stop.  One thing that will get my attention very quickly is anything natural so I don’t have to worry about allergic reactions to ingredients only a chemist could pronounce.  One of the best moisturizers that can be found in many kitchens is “olive oil”.  There are different grades of olive oil, but the one grade that is best for face and body moisturizing is “Extra Virgin First Cold Press Olive Oil”.  This should be kept at every woman’s makeup table as well as in the shower.  A few drops can be applied to the face and neck, morning and evening using cotton balls and allowed to soak into the skin.  Olive oil can also be used as a body moisturizer in the shower and allowed to soak into the skin 2 or 3 minutes before a final rinse.  After getting out of the shower skin will be nice and soft.        

Another oil that may already be in many kitchens just waiting for our use in any beauty routine is “Coconut Oil”.  When applied to the hair and covered with a shower cap or plastic bag coconut oil makes a wonderful deep hair conditioner.  Follow this with normal shampooing and conditioning.  Coconut oil also makes a good skin conditioner and doesn’t include any chemicals we can’t pronounce. 

Last but not least, “Jojoba oil”, (pronounced ho-HO-ba), is said to closely match the chemical makeup of hair and skin so it won’t irritate sensitive skin.  This oil can be found in most health food stores but the shopper needs to check labels to find the pure oil.  Since jojoba oil can mimic the skin into thinking plenty of oil has already been produced this may not be emollient enough for all skin types.  The shopper is advised to buy a small amount at first to see if it will work for their particular skin.  

Whether we choose to use department store moisturizers, drugstore moisturizers, or more pure oils skin needs to be moisturized on a regular basis for a youthful healthy looking appearance.  So find a couple of moisturizers that work well with your particular skin type and use them twice a day. 

I would like to encourage readers to share their choice of hair and skin moisturizers as well as the success they’ve had.


Women should cleanse their skin every morning and every evening whether they wear makeup or not.  This is especially true if we wear foundation, waterproof mascara, or eye makeup of any kind.  At no time, however, should any woman use soap on her face, neck, or chest area since regular soap is much too irritating and drying.  At the same time a woman should never use a cleansing product that costs a week’s wages, or contains ingredients only someone with a PHD in science could pronounce.  So what is a woman supposed to use in order to cut through all that makeup without overly drying the skin?

There is a wide array of products on the market designed to properly cleanse the skin and I’ve tried many of them.  Some of the products I’ve used almost broke the budget while others couldn’t remove the waterproof makeup in just one pass.  A few of the cleansers I used took care of the waterproof makeup but left my face and neck dry and irritated for hours.  So some months ago I went on a quest to find products that met four requirements.  First, the cleanser and moisturizer had to be extremely affordable for my limited income.  Second, the products had to be free of any ingredients I couldn’t easily pronounce.  Third, any cleanser and moisturizer I was to use couldn’t dry out my mature combination skin.  Fourth, and most importantly the products would have to remove even waterproof makeup in just one pass, without drying out my skin.  My quest for proper skin care revealed many really good products but in keeping with my promise to recommend only those products I personally used and found exceptional, very few of those products will be mentioned here.  

One of the very best products I’ve ever used on my skin and one that I will now continue to use, that can cut through all kinds of waterproof makeup without drying my mature skin is Cetaphil.  I had heard of Cetaphil many times but decided that if it was gentle enough for mature skin it couldn’t possibly remove waterproof makeup.  How very wrong I was!  This stuff is a miracle worker when it comes to cutting through waterproof makeup in just one use.  Yes, this cleanser is even gentle enough for the eye area so a separate eye makeup remover isn’t needed.  After using this stuff for a few months I’ve decided that Cetaphil will be my go to cleanser, regardless of what type of makeup I use.  If the price of the name brand Cetaphil is a bit much for some budgets these days, there are many stores that carry their own store brand version of Cetaphil, which is usually a few dollars cheaper.  The bottom line is I am so impressed with this product that I am convinced there should be a bottle of Cetaphil, or the store brand equivalent, at every woman’s washbasin, in every woman’s shower, and at every woman’s makeup table at all times.  Continue Reading »

I hope everyone will try to understand and forgive me for taking so long to update my blog.  It’s indeed been weeks since I’ve added information for my readers.  It’s been an eventful few weeks though so I have by no means been idol all this entire time. 

Like many of you I have a family that I dearly love and adore.  As many of my readers know, from personal experience, our families sometimes call on us for help.  Of course when that call for help comes in, like many of you, I drop everything and go. 

After the minor or major crisis is over then it is a return to our “normal routine”, whatever that means.  At “39 and holding” it sometimes takes a day or two of rest to return to that daily schedule we call usual.     

Even with a crisis or two I’ve been busy this entire time researching some natural products for really good skin and hair care.  In the end, I’ve come up with some really interesting and useful ideas for caring for ourselves while using less chemicals. 

Of course I’ve kept the original promise I made to my readers that I personally try all products on myself before recommending anything to anyone else.   That isn’t to say I won’t write about a variety of items and products, instead I simply won’t recommend those items I haven’t personally tested.

There are some items that proved much too time consuming and others that didn’t perform as I hoped they would or as touted on various web sites.  In the end though I think I have some interesting products to recommend especially to those looking for good skin and hair care items that don’t include as many chemicals as some store bought items have. 

So stay tuned and I will be passing on some out of the ordinary and useful information that will save money and improve our daily lives.

As stated in my last article I’ve been recovering from a stomach virus and a touch of food poisoning.  It took plenty of time but I think I’m pretty much back to normal now and can resume my beauty product reviews. 

I have plenty to tell my readers because rather than waste my recovery time I tried out some new products that my mature and sensitive skin readers might find useful.  I tried everything from a couple of moisturizers that you just have to try, to some make up products.  Most of what I tried out was specifically meant for dry, sensitive, combination mature skin.  So there will be something for almost everyone who is looking for new products to try out.     

Of course the first place to start with any beauty improvement or make over is from the inside out.  In other words, a good diet and the right vitamins and supplements will do more to improve a person’s skin than all the beauty products put together can do.  That is not to say there isn’t a place for the right skin care products and makeup but starting from the inside is always best with any beauty regime. 

With that concept of inner beauty in mind, I want to introduce a few ideas for vitamins and supplements that should help maintain and improve mature, dry, and sensitive skin.  I’ve tried to pick items that can easily be purchased at major retailers across the country such as K-Mart, Target, Wal-Mart, and Walgreens.  It’s my hope that by watching for sales everyone’s budget can afford those products needed to enhance and maintain a beautiful person on the inside and outside.  So let’s get started.

The first thing a person should do is look into taking a multi- vitamin that has plenty of minerals and other supplements specifically meant for us Baby Boomers.  I would strongly suggest that a person visit’s their primary care taker to see what vitamins and minerals would be appropriate for you personally.  Each person is different and some medical conditions might cause adverse affects if certain vitamins and minerals are used without medical supervision.  I’m not a doctor or doctor’s assistant so I can’t speak to this issue with any certainty, I’m simply stating that the possibility exists for adverse affects.  Please check with a doctor before beginning any taking any supplement of any kind.

One of the best multi-vitamins I’ve found is Walgreens Advanced Formula A Thru Z Multivitamin/Multimineral Supplement.  This vitamin comes in a 250 tablet bottle for about $12.  This vitamin and mineral comes in a 250-tablet bottle for approximately $12 as well as a 400-tablet bottle for about $16.  Of course the 400-tablet bottle will be more economical but be sure to watch for sales or the buy one-get one free sales.   Nature Made brand also has a good vitamin and mineral formula called Nature Made Multi for Her 50+ Vitamin/Mineral Tablets that comes in a 90 tablet bottle for approximately $11.  There is also a formula called   Nature Made Multi For Him 50+ Tablets that comes in a 90 tablet bottle for about $11.

One other thing I take by Doctors Orders is a Calcium and Vitamin D supplement.  Apparently, our bodies do not store Vitamin D very well as we age and of course we need Calcium for good healthy bones.  The only way people can protect themselves from a potential fall is to have strong bones and that is where Calcium comes in.  For those of us who are Lactose intolerant the need for Calcium is especially important.  

Another vitamin that is good for everyone’s immune system is Vitamin C.  There is a pretty good Nature Made brand as well as a Walgreens brand that a person can choose from.  The only difference I see is the Nature Made brand is chewable, which some people may prefer.  The Nature Made Vitamin C 500 mg Chewable Tablets Orange comes in a 150 tablet bottle for approximately $16 and can sometimes be found on a buy one-get one free sale.  Walgreens Vitamin C 500 mg Dietary Supplement Tablets comes in a 250 tablet bottle for about $8 and can also be found on a buy one-get one free sale.  Since the body doesn’t store Vitamin C very well it may not hurt to take a so-called Megadose of Vitamin C, meaning 200% or 300%.  A doctor would be the best determination of such vitamin doses. 

A supplement that I take daily is Fish Oil, which is touted as being good for a person’s skin as well as heart health.  Some formulas are taken once a day whereas other formulas are taken two or three times a day.  One such formula is Nature Made Fish Oil 1200 mg Softgels and there is also Walgreens Omega-3 Fish Oil Concentrate 1000 mg Dietary Supplement Softgels.  

Something I found at Wal-Mart meant specifically for the skin is Sanar Collagen Skin Care Spring Valley also makes a Hair, Skin & Nails Collagen supplement that comes in a 120 Caplets bottle for about $7.  

Be sure to check all web sites for product availability at stores in your particular area.  Purchasing any or all these products online might be more convenient for some people though.  As with all online purchases shipping charges must be taken into consideration.  Shipping charges that are added to each item could be very costly so watch for shipping charges that are only added to the entire purchase, especially if multiple items are purchased at one time.

As some of you may have noticed I have not updated this blog for some time now.  That certainly wasn’t because I was being lazy or was overly scheduled times wise.  Please read on for a short explanation of the issues I was dealing with.

I seem to have caught a bad stomach virus that left me completely drained of any energy reserves whatsoever.  My immune system was absolutely nonexistent at that point and I had vertigo beyond anything I might have been tempted to wish on my worst enemy (whoever that might be LOL). 

As if all that wasn’t enough I ended up with a bit of food poisoning about this same time.  That in itself left me flat in bed much of the time trying to recover from this horrid invasion of my body.

At more than one point I had all toes crossed and all fingers crossed hoping I would not live to tell of this entire experience.  I was convinced the only way I could possibly feel better in a reasonable time period was to cross over to the next life. 

 Well, obviously I didn’t cross over to the next life and with time as well as plenty of rest I am recovering.  Am still working on building up my resistance and energy levels, its definitely taking much longer than I’d like but I’m slowly getting back to something resembling normal.

So kindly give me a little more time and I promise to return with some new article you will all find interesting and useful.

I’ve written about Acupuncture a few times on this blog and will probably do so many more times as there is yet much to be said on the issue.  Acupuncture  has by far become the most important means in my life that has allowed me, and even encouraged me, to make some much-needed changes in my lifestyle.  It’s these lifestyle changes that I’d like to share with the reader in hopes that it might encourage just one person.

People sometimes need to hear the message that change in huge steps is not required.  In fact change in tiny miniscule steps is not only possible but is actually preferred, so the person doesn’t get overwhelmed at any point along the path.  As mentioned above its Acupuncture that made these changes possible for me.

I was so very lucky to be put in contact with an Acupuncturist, trained in Korea for 15 years, who was able to use those precious little needles to relieve 40 long horrible years of severe chronic pain.  I slowly went from walking hunched over a four-wheeled walker, to standing upright using a cane, and then finally standing upright and walking on my own.  I, as well as those who knew me before my visits to the Acupuncturist, consider my progress nothing short of a miracle.  What followed later, in my life, was equally miraculous for me.

The Acupuncturist took my severe pain from an 11 and 12, where an epidural was needed for relief, down to an ongoing 5 and 6.  (I have no doubt that will get even better with time as well.)  This kind of pain relief allowed me to move around much more and discover various exercises that furthered easier movement. 

This easier movement allowed me to exercise with a certain comfort.  No exercise is easy at first but even modest efforts bring a few results, which leads to a desire to accomplish even more.  One important  exercise is the “Forearms Plank” and “The Plank” and yes they are related.  The basic difference here is one exercise is one on the forearms and toes, whereas the other is done on the toes and flat hands.  If you want good flat core muscles then these are the two best exercises you can do.  At first, I would suggest trying for a mere 15 seconds and adding just a few second every other time you do this exercise.  With time I also got into “Tai Chi” and “Yoga”, neither one needing extra equipment of any kind.  My advice is take it easy because regardless of what you’ve heard exercise is NOT supposed to hurt, it’s supposed to strengthen you and help you.

To date I have lost 16 pounds and have taken an entire dress size off, which of course makes me want to see how much more I can accomplish.

As a Baby Boomer I started going gray in my 30’s, about the same age my Mom was when she started going gray.  By age 40 I was at least 50% gray and not yet ready to look the part.  So, for years I proceeded to color my hair every 4 to 6 weeks and by age 50 something I was tired of the whole process.  Part of that was due to an old injury that made standing up in front of a mirror to apply hair color extremely painful.  Then came the day, after two grandchildren, that my son looked at me and said, “Mom, you look like a typical grandma should with the hair and all.”  That did it!!

The hair and I all had to change (more on the me change in another post) and like nothing but quick.  Hello, Miss Clairol!!  Upon advice from the Clairol website I got the “Natural Lightest Golden Brown” #114A and went to work early one Sunday morning.  An hour later I was begging my neighbor to run me to a nearby KMart to get a “Natural Light Ash Brown” #114 to counteract the bright carrot orange color in my hair.

Thankfully, it worked nicely but ended up darker than I would have preferred.  In the end I got a nice warm shade of medium dark brown hair that everyone actually liked.  Since then I have colored my hair twice by mixing half of a “Natural Lightest Golden Brown” and half of the “Natural Light Ash Brown” each time.  Worked beautifully even though it was still slightly darker than I would have preferred.

Now all I have to worry about is how to lighten the shade to a true dark blond and also how to suppress the carrot orange.  Enter “Miss Clairol” yet again and we have directions for that next need for hair coloring in a “dark blond” that is promised not to turn orange on me. 

The lesson to be learned here is ask questions, do the strand test each and every time as directed on the package, and then ask even more questions.