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I hope everyone will try to understand and forgive me for taking so long to update my blog.  It’s indeed been weeks since I’ve added information for my readers.  It’s been an eventful few weeks though so I have by no means been idol all this entire time. 

Like many of you I have a family that I dearly love and adore.  As many of my readers know, from personal experience, our families sometimes call on us for help.  Of course when that call for help comes in, like many of you, I drop everything and go. 

After the minor or major crisis is over then it is a return to our “normal routine”, whatever that means.  At “39 and holding” it sometimes takes a day or two of rest to return to that daily schedule we call usual.     

Even with a crisis or two I’ve been busy this entire time researching some natural products for really good skin and hair care.  In the end, I’ve come up with some really interesting and useful ideas for caring for ourselves while using less chemicals. 

Of course I’ve kept the original promise I made to my readers that I personally try all products on myself before recommending anything to anyone else.   That isn’t to say I won’t write about a variety of items and products, instead I simply won’t recommend those items I haven’t personally tested.

There are some items that proved much too time consuming and others that didn’t perform as I hoped they would or as touted on various web sites.  In the end though I think I have some interesting products to recommend especially to those looking for good skin and hair care items that don’t include as many chemicals as some store bought items have. 

So stay tuned and I will be passing on some out of the ordinary and useful information that will save money and improve our daily lives.


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As a Baby Boomer I started going gray in my 30’s, about the same age my Mom was when she started going gray.  By age 40 I was at least 50% gray and not yet ready to look the part.  So, for years I proceeded to color my hair every 4 to 6 weeks and by age 50 something I was tired of the whole process.  Part of that was due to an old injury that made standing up in front of a mirror to apply hair color extremely painful.  Then came the day, after two grandchildren, that my son looked at me and said, “Mom, you look like a typical grandma should with the hair and all.”  That did it!!

The hair and I all had to change (more on the me change in another post) and like nothing but quick.  Hello, Miss Clairol!!  Upon advice from the Clairol website I got the “Natural Lightest Golden Brown” #114A and went to work early one Sunday morning.  An hour later I was begging my neighbor to run me to a nearby KMart to get a “Natural Light Ash Brown” #114 to counteract the bright carrot orange color in my hair.

Thankfully, it worked nicely but ended up darker than I would have preferred.  In the end I got a nice warm shade of medium dark brown hair that everyone actually liked.  Since then I have colored my hair twice by mixing half of a “Natural Lightest Golden Brown” and half of the “Natural Light Ash Brown” each time.  Worked beautifully even though it was still slightly darker than I would have preferred.

Now all I have to worry about is how to lighten the shade to a true dark blond and also how to suppress the carrot orange.  Enter “Miss Clairol” yet again and we have directions for that next need for hair coloring in a “dark blond” that is promised not to turn orange on me. 

The lesson to be learned here is ask questions, do the strand test each and every time as directed on the package, and then ask even more questions.

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