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I hope everyone will try to understand and forgive me for taking so long to update my blog.  It’s indeed been weeks since I’ve added information for my readers.  It’s been an eventful few weeks though so I have by no means been idol all this entire time. 

Like many of you I have a family that I dearly love and adore.  As many of my readers know, from personal experience, our families sometimes call on us for help.  Of course when that call for help comes in, like many of you, I drop everything and go. 

After the minor or major crisis is over then it is a return to our “normal routine”, whatever that means.  At “39 and holding” it sometimes takes a day or two of rest to return to that daily schedule we call usual.     

Even with a crisis or two I’ve been busy this entire time researching some natural products for really good skin and hair care.  In the end, I’ve come up with some really interesting and useful ideas for caring for ourselves while using less chemicals. 

Of course I’ve kept the original promise I made to my readers that I personally try all products on myself before recommending anything to anyone else.   That isn’t to say I won’t write about a variety of items and products, instead I simply won’t recommend those items I haven’t personally tested.

There are some items that proved much too time consuming and others that didn’t perform as I hoped they would or as touted on various web sites.  In the end though I think I have some interesting products to recommend especially to those looking for good skin and hair care items that don’t include as many chemicals as some store bought items have. 

So stay tuned and I will be passing on some out of the ordinary and useful information that will save money and improve our daily lives.


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When I started this blog I made three promises to the reader.  One, that I was on a quest to find the best “drugstore makeup and skin care products” available.  Drugstore makeup is so named because it can be bought at most drugstores and discount stores across the country.  Two, that I wouldn’t report on any product I hadn’t personally used.  I knew at the time this alone would restrict what I could report on, nut I also knew such information would be useful to many.  Three, that I would report truthfully on whatever products I had success or failure with recently.

As it stands now I have used most of the Avon “Anew Ultimate” products as well as other “dry skin” and  “mature skin” products in the Avon product line.  The skin care products are fine, although I would not describe any of Avon’s products as being “groundbreaking” by any means.  The moisturizers and other products meant to “erase years from the look of your skin”, as it was described in a recent campaign book, do moisturize the skin quite nicely.  On the other hand, there are other less expensive, per use, products that I personally think do at least as well as Avon at much less cost.  I will go into detail about each of the alternative “moisturizing” and “skin renewing” products that I always have on hand in future articles. 

For now I will just state that “Ponds” cold cream is one of the best makeup removers on the market.  It can be brought in almost any drugstore, grocery store, or discount store across the country and comes at a very reasonable cost.  The Dry Skin moisturizers are some of the best on the market but depending on how dry or oily a person’s skin is it should be used sparingly, which makes this product line even more cost affective. 

The Avon makeup line for dry and mature skin is just as disappointing as the skin care line has been to this writer.  Some people apparently swear by Avon and I must so the delivery to my door was a nice addition and was one selling factor for me even trying these makeup products.  There are a few products this writer found very useful and I will do a review on those specific products in the future. 

Overall though I was not at all impressed with the Avon skin care product lines or much of the makeup.  So this writer will be rushing back to tried and true skin care and makeup lines that I know will still serve me well.  So look for my next article on what I consider “tried and true”.

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