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Women should cleanse their skin every morning and every evening whether they wear makeup or not.  This is especially true if we wear foundation, waterproof mascara, or eye makeup of any kind.  At no time, however, should any woman use soap on her face, neck, or chest area since regular soap is much too irritating and drying.  At the same time a woman should never use a cleansing product that costs a week’s wages, or contains ingredients only someone with a PHD in science could pronounce.  So what is a woman supposed to use in order to cut through all that makeup without overly drying the skin?

There is a wide array of products on the market designed to properly cleanse the skin and I’ve tried many of them.  Some of the products I’ve used almost broke the budget while others couldn’t remove the waterproof makeup in just one pass.  A few of the cleansers I used took care of the waterproof makeup but left my face and neck dry and irritated for hours.  So some months ago I went on a quest to find products that met four requirements.  First, the cleanser and moisturizer had to be extremely affordable for my limited income.  Second, the products had to be free of any ingredients I couldn’t easily pronounce.  Third, any cleanser and moisturizer I was to use couldn’t dry out my mature combination skin.  Fourth, and most importantly the products would have to remove even waterproof makeup in just one pass, without drying out my skin.  My quest for proper skin care revealed many really good products but in keeping with my promise to recommend only those products I personally used and found exceptional, very few of those products will be mentioned here.  

One of the very best products I’ve ever used on my skin and one that I will now continue to use, that can cut through all kinds of waterproof makeup without drying my mature skin is Cetaphil.  I had heard of Cetaphil many times but decided that if it was gentle enough for mature skin it couldn’t possibly remove waterproof makeup.  How very wrong I was!  This stuff is a miracle worker when it comes to cutting through waterproof makeup in just one use.  Yes, this cleanser is even gentle enough for the eye area so a separate eye makeup remover isn’t needed.  After using this stuff for a few months I’ve decided that Cetaphil will be my go to cleanser, regardless of what type of makeup I use.  If the price of the name brand Cetaphil is a bit much for some budgets these days, there are many stores that carry their own store brand version of Cetaphil, which is usually a few dollars cheaper.  The bottom line is I am so impressed with this product that I am convinced there should be a bottle of Cetaphil, or the store brand equivalent, at every woman’s washbasin, in every woman’s shower, and at every woman’s makeup table at all times.  (more…)


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One thing the Baby Boomer generation must deal with if we want wrinkle free skin is proper moisturizing.  To accomplish this we must first know what type of skin we have.  If we did our homework when deciding on the proper cleansers for our skin then we already know if we have oily skin, combination skin with parts being a bit oily and other parts being dry, or whether have all dry skin.  Refer to First Things First for help on deciding what skin type a person has and what products to cleanse with.  Different skin types will require different moisturizers to keep the face and neck in optimum wrinkle free condition.

The eyes requires a special moisturizer all its own while the face and neck requires a different moisturizer.  One thing ALL skin types need every day is SUNSCREEN.  A person should NEVER go outside without a good moisturizing SUNSCREEN that will protect a person against UVA and UVB rays.  One of the best facial moisturizers I’ve used that also has an SPF 15 in it is Equate Beauty Lotion from Wal-Mart.  This is great as a day time moisturizer under makeup.  I also like Equate Advanced Firming & Anti Wrinkle cream if I’m going to be home or don’t feel like wearing makeup that day.

For the eyes I really like the Equate Regenerating Serum that can be bought online or in some stores.

For night-time moisturing I like L’Oreal Advanced RevitaLift Night Cream and Equate Night Time Firming Cream.

As the reader can see, having a well moisturized face and neck is  certainly possible and very affordable.  One of the best moisturizer a person can get is even more affordable, per use, than any of these products.  It’s a product I keep in the house at all times and use every night, especially around the eyes and facial wrinkles.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be and often is used for eating, cooking, and for years has been used as a wonderful moisturizer.  There are different grades of Olive Oil and the best type a person can get is Extra Virgin Olive Oil the “First Cold Press”.  The first pressing means there will be less impurities in the olive oil, which will certainly benefit our skin. 

I keep some of the “First Cold Press” Extra Virgin Olive Oil, at my makeup table, in an empty medication bottle or other small container that has a very tight-fitting lid.  Apply the Olive Oil with a cotton ball all over the face or just on areas that needs a little more moisturizing.

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I was lucky when I suffered heat strokes, I didn’t require months of recovery but my son did.  As a 19 year-old, my son was driving auto parts from the shop where he worked to auto repair sites around a large city.  It was late July early August and I had tried to convince my son to drink more water instead of such large amounts of pop.  Of course, being a young adult he thought he knew what was best for his own health.  Each day I could see his health was being adversely affected but nothing I said seemed to convince him that it was water he needed.  One day my son was driving these auto parts around in the company car he used that had no air conditioning, when he almost caused a wreak on a major thoroughfare, suffering what EMT’s thought was a heart attack.  It was a good thing my son was rushed to a trauma-1 hospital because otherwise he may have been treated for a heart attack while overlooking the real reason for his symptoms.  Of course I got a call at home and when I got to the hospital doctors were monitoring his heart and had fluids going in both arms and one leg.

Doctors told me my son’s body had begun shutting down due to severe dehydration and that another three days and it may have been too late to save him.  Being a mom I simply lost it and almost ended up in the hospital myself.  As it turned out my son required 9 bags of fluids before he needed to urinate and doctors required that he urinate at least 3 times before they would consider dismissing him.

When my son returned home it was two months before he could return to light duty work and another three months before he felt normal again.  Even though I didn’t suffer nearly as much as my son did, I am still very sensitive to heat that I do not wear long sleeves, much less sweaters under my coat,  even in the coldest of weather.  I would not wish a heat stroke or sunstroke even on my worst enemy.  So each year I try to do my part in reminding everyone that summer can be dangerous for people unless they take precautions. 

Those precautionary measures include water, sun block, water, a hat or umbrella, and did I mention water.  Plan ahead now for the heat of summer by getting at least SPF 15 sun block, a reusable water bottle, and a hat or umbrella.  All these items can be obtained by shopping online or at your local WalMart.  There is no reason to buy expensive sunscreen because WalMart their “Equate” store brand “Sport Lotion SPF50”, a “Beauty Lotion with SPF 15” that I personally use under makeup everyday, and even an “SPF50 Kids Lotion”. 

Everyone should wear the sunscreen and drink plenty of water because water does not only help prevent dehydration but water also lubricates the muscles and tissues of the body and keeps the body and mind operating at its optimum.  If a person wants to fight aging the most important thing they can do is drink plenty of plain water.  If you are like me and do not like the taste of tap water then boil your water, but whatever you do drink water.    

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