As I’ve reported in the past couple of articles, I’ve been experimenting with Avon makeup and skin care products.  Some of my personal findings were good and others not so much.  Rather than go through each item I didn’t care for I’m going to concentrate on the items I found within the Avon line that I liked.

Some of Avon’s best items I discovered are listed under “Beauty Tools” that we all need for proper makeup application.  Avon has a wonderfully soft  “concealer brush” that I now use daily.  Avon also has a great “Ideal Shade” creamy stick concealer that I think is at least as good as many drugstore brands, if not better.  I use the “Light” shade that seems to brighten the under eye area and cover a few of the many flaws I have to deal with.

I also like some of the other Avon makeup brushes such as the “Rounded Shadow Brush” and the “Eye Liner Brush”. There is a large “Foundation Brush” that is well suited for just about any foundation application issue a person might have.  This particular brush is slightly rounded on top and works well with liquid as well as powder foundation.

Avon also has a couple of eye makeup items that I found particularly useful.  One is the “Avon Pro Brow Enhancer” that fills in the brow.  The brow enhancer has a unique brow brush at the end of a tube of brow jell.  I also found the “Ultra Luxury Eye Liner” useful for those areas of the brow and on the lid area just above the lashes that need filled in further.

One thing that I don’t think any woman should do her makeup without is a “Lip Liner and Avon has an “Ultra Luxury Lip Liner” in a neutral shade that is particularly useful.


When I started this blog I made three promises to the reader.  One, that I was on a quest to find the best “drugstore makeup and skin care products” available.  Drugstore makeup is so named because it can be bought at most drugstores and discount stores across the country.  Two, that I wouldn’t report on any product I hadn’t personally used.  I knew at the time this alone would restrict what I could report on, nut I also knew such information would be useful to many.  Three, that I would report truthfully on whatever products I had success or failure with recently.

As it stands now I have used most of the Avon “Anew Ultimate” products as well as other “dry skin” and  “mature skin” products in the Avon product line.  The skin care products are fine, although I would not describe any of Avon’s products as being “groundbreaking” by any means.  The moisturizers and other products meant to “erase years from the look of your skin”, as it was described in a recent campaign book, do moisturize the skin quite nicely.  On the other hand, there are other less expensive, per use, products that I personally think do at least as well as Avon at much less cost.  I will go into detail about each of the alternative “moisturizing” and “skin renewing” products that I always have on hand in future articles. 

For now I will just state that “Ponds” cold cream is one of the best makeup removers on the market.  It can be brought in almost any drugstore, grocery store, or discount store across the country and comes at a very reasonable cost.  The Dry Skin moisturizers are some of the best on the market but depending on how dry or oily a person’s skin is it should be used sparingly, which makes this product line even more cost affective. 

The Avon makeup line for dry and mature skin is just as disappointing as the skin care line has been to this writer.  Some people apparently swear by Avon and I must so the delivery to my door was a nice addition and was one selling factor for me even trying these makeup products.  There are a few products this writer found very useful and I will do a review on those specific products in the future. 

Overall though I was not at all impressed with the Avon skin care product lines or much of the makeup.  So this writer will be rushing back to tried and true skin care and makeup lines that I know will still serve me well.  So look for my next article on what I consider “tried and true”.

Yes ladies I’ve been busy!!  Been trying to keep up with life itself and I don’t think I need to tell any of you what an amazing adventure that can be.  Have also been trying out some new brands of makeup foundation and primer that I want to report on for the benefit on my readers.

I ordered  Avon’s (link in the side bar) “Magix Face Perfector” primer and was hopeful that at long last I had found the “Magix” answer to really good makeup application.  I tried using the Face Perfector after cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing my face.  After applying the Face Perfector, and letting it soak in a minute or so, I applied the Avon “Magix Cashmere Finish Liquid Foundation”. 

The makeup application on the forehead and neck (so there wouldn’t be any obvious “makeup line”) went just fine.  The foundation went on smoothly and looked absolutely perfect.  At this point I was very hopeful the “Magix Face Perfector” would help me with  flawless makeup application and all day looks. 

The application of makeup around the eyes and cheek area was a totally different endeavor  though.  The “Magix Face Perfector” caused my foundation to transfer and sort of gum up.  I tried using a clean brush to smooth out the foundation and hopefully save my entire makeup application.  When the brush didn’t work I turned to a Q-tip in hopes of not having to remove all my makeup and start over.  Nothing helped and eventually had to start completely over.

I tried the “Magix Face Perfector” with moisturizer underneath as well as with no moisturizer under it.  The “Face Perfector” worked a little better without any moisturizer under it but still wasn’t perfect by any means.  Eventually, I had to send the “Magix Face Perfector” back to my Avon representative for a refund.

I, therefore, can say nothing good about the “Magix Face Perfector” except that it feels like silk when a small amount is rubbed between the fingers.  So, I would NOT recommend that anyone waste their money on this product.

The “Magix Cashmere Finish Liquid Foundation” is a good product but will definitely NOT hit my list of “favorites.  I will, therefore, keep the foundation and use it up but won’t order more.  Instead, I’ve ordered the “Perfect Wear Extralasting Liquid Foundation SPF15” and will be evaluating that product within about a month.  I hope the “Perfect Wear Foundation” turns out to be a much better product than the “Magix”. 

After returning the “Face Perfector” I turned to customer reviews to see if I was the only person experiencing this issue of foundation transferring and gumming up.  Unfortunately, other customers had also sent their “Face Perfector” back for refunds after experiencing these same issue I had dealt with.

When I first started BoomerBeauty I stated up front that I wouldn’t recommend a product or makeup item that I hadn’t personally tried on myself first.  I knew this would limit the beauty products I could cover and the items I could put my reviews to.  I also knew this was the best way to filter out good economical products from the expensive and hopefully not so expensive junk on the market.

For a variety of reasons, time being a big one, I decided to try some of the Avon products.  Thankfully, Avon has frequent sales on many of their products because without those sales the items specified for mature skin can get quite expensive.  I have tried their Anew eye “Concentrated Elixir” and eye “Intensive Cream” and found them to be quite good but on the expensive side for what they do.  I’ve yet to try the Anew “Ultimate Age Repair Alixir” or the Anew Elixir Premium” because of those higher than needed prices.  For the price I think that L’Oreal and Equate do just as good a job in the area that each product is intended.  

In all fairness to Avon though there is something to be said for the convenience of having an Avon representative come to your house to take your order.  There is also something to be said for having the products delivered to your house when the orders come in.  What I especially like about Avon is their return policy.  If the client doesn’t like a product they can return it for the purchase price, and I have certainly done this with a couple of items.  What I like most about Avon though is, unlike the drugstore makeup lines, the customer can get samples of many makeup and perfume items to try before purchasing anything.  This alone deserves a good deal of respect from this writer.  So lest anyone thinks I don’t like Avon please let me assure everyone that I do like Avon very much.  Although, as with any company, the customer needs to be aware of what they are buying and be realistic about the company promised results.

A couple of things I’ve bought from Avon that I especially like is the “Ideal Shade” cream to powder foundation that comes in compact form.  This makeup goes on very smoothly, especially with a makeup brush and stays put all day.  I also like many of Avon’s makeup brushes.  They are some of the softest and yet most useful brushes I’ve tried so far.  I’m also a big fan of the Anew “expression line filler” and the Anew “instant face lift” both of which I use every day.  As for daily moisturizer I’m still a huge fan of the Equate “Beauty Lotion with SPF15”.  This will not sweat off or transfer the makeup.  For the price it is one of the best daily moisturizers I’ve found yet.   

In the near future I plan to try the “Perfect Wear ExtraLasting Liquid Foundation with SPF15”.  So I will review that foundation in the weeks to come. 

I hope this information helps those of you trying to find the best foundation for a healthy flawless appearance.

Up to now this blog has been devoted to better taking care of ourselves on the outside with good skin care routines and great makeup products.  None of those items or routines are ever going to do us much good though if we don’t FIRST take care of ourselves on the inside.  Seeing a doctor to resolve medical issues on the inside can often involve taking pills, which all have side effects of varying degrees.  A better approach to healthcare  would be to resolve those healthcare issues as naturally as possible, so there are few if any side effects.    

This natural approach to healthcare, with no adverse side affects, is where acupuncture enters the picture.  I hope by now everyone has read my first article on acupuncture entitled “Acupuncture is Legitimate Healthcare-Part I“, which is written from my own personal experiences with this form of healthcare.

As stated in my first article, the acupuncturist very successfully dealt with the severe pain in my back over a period of time.  In fact these days my back pain, on a good day, runs about a 2 AT THE MOST.  On a bad day the pain is about a 4 if I’ve been moving furniture or doing other heavy activities that put a strain on my back.  Most of the time that level 4 pain goes back down to a 1 or 2 if I just rest a little while.  In fact I’ve been able to completely give up my four-wheeled walker that I relied on constantly.  I’ve also given up the use of a cane because I can now walk completely upright with no pain.  Continue Reading »

Many insurance companies, unfortunately, do not pay for acupuncture as a legitimate form of healthcare.  Individuals themselves often do not view acupuncture and other forms of alternative medicine as legitimate healthcare either.  Because of these views and less than complimentary opinions I’ve personally heard from associates and friends, I’d like to offer the reader  my personal experiences with acupuncture.  

To give the reader a good sense of why I would consider acupuncture in the first place I must back up for a bit of history.  In another life my husband and I made our living by driving semi-truck cross-country, carrying just about every product imaginable.  The only thing we did not haul was furniture because furniture haulers were not so nicely refered to as “bed bug haulers”, for good reason.  We did haul lumber though and at one point had a flatbed truck loaded two pallets high, about one-and-a-half stories high, with a huge load of lumber.  My husband and I were on top of all this lumber trying to chain it down when I lost grip of the chain.  My husband tried grabbing the front of my blouse but couldn’t hold on and so I went over the side.  I fell to the ground landing on my hips first, then back, then shoulders.  I was in the hospital for a while, and also in a series of body casts and braces, and unable to walk for quite sometime.  Eventually I learned to walk again but for the next forty years I was in constant severe pain. Continue Reading »

I’m one who has mature skin along with a few flaws that I’d prefer the world don’t see.  Things like laugh lines along the mouth, bags under the eyes, expression lines on the forehead, to mention a few.  I’ve discovered that this is where a good concealer and good blending techniques come in. 

One of my favorite brands of makeup these past years has been Max Factor.  For some women this entire line of makeup is too heavy and some even complained that it didn’t blend well.  Even I admit that a heavy hand could produce less than desirable results.  With a light hand though and practice blending, I was very happy with the results.  I had noticed for some time though that the entire Max Factor line of makeup was increasingly hard to find.  As I did a google search for other sources of this makeup I discovered that as of a year or so ago sales in the U.S has been discontinued. 

Since then I’ve been on a search for a new line of makeup that would perform as well as Max Factor at drugstore prices.  It hasn’t been an easy task since I prefer a little more coverage than simple tinted moisturizer.  I’ve tried brands like Cover Girl, L’Oreal, Revlon, and others but still wished I could find Max Factor makeup.

The only makeup I’ve found to date that even comes close to the performance of Max Factor, at least for me, is Cover Girl “Simply Ageless“.  Even at that I’m a bit skeptical because I’ve yet to find anyone who used Max Factor and now uses Simply Ageless with impressive results.

As for concealer, which I use on top of my foundation, I have found one I’m at least somewhat impressed with.  That is Neutrogena “3in1 Concealer SPF 20“.  This Neutrogena concealer is made specifically for the eyes and so my quest to find a good overall concealer continues.

I would be very interested in anyone else’s suggestions and opinions of other foundations and concealers, that are designed for dry mature skin, and gives more than just tinted moisturizer type coverage.