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Women should cleanse their skin every morning and every evening whether they wear makeup or not.  This is especially true if we wear foundation, waterproof mascara, or eye makeup of any kind.  At no time, however, should any woman use soap on her face, neck, or chest area since regular soap is much too irritating and drying.  At the same time a woman should never use a cleansing product that costs a week’s wages, or contains ingredients only someone with a PHD in science could pronounce.  So what is a woman supposed to use in order to cut through all that makeup without overly drying the skin?

There is a wide array of products on the market designed to properly cleanse the skin and I’ve tried many of them.  Some of the products I’ve used almost broke the budget while others couldn’t remove the waterproof makeup in just one pass.  A few of the cleansers I used took care of the waterproof makeup but left my face and neck dry and irritated for hours.  So some months ago I went on a quest to find products that met four requirements.  First, the cleanser and moisturizer had to be extremely affordable for my limited income.  Second, the products had to be free of any ingredients I couldn’t easily pronounce.  Third, any cleanser and moisturizer I was to use couldn’t dry out my mature combination skin.  Fourth, and most importantly the products would have to remove even waterproof makeup in just one pass, without drying out my skin.  My quest for proper skin care revealed many really good products but in keeping with my promise to recommend only those products I personally used and found exceptional, very few of those products will be mentioned here.  

One of the very best products I’ve ever used on my skin and one that I will now continue to use, that can cut through all kinds of waterproof makeup without drying my mature skin is Cetaphil.  I had heard of Cetaphil many times but decided that if it was gentle enough for mature skin it couldn’t possibly remove waterproof makeup.  How very wrong I was!  This stuff is a miracle worker when it comes to cutting through waterproof makeup in just one use.  Yes, this cleanser is even gentle enough for the eye area so a separate eye makeup remover isn’t needed.  After using this stuff for a few months I’ve decided that Cetaphil will be my go to cleanser, regardless of what type of makeup I use.  If the price of the name brand Cetaphil is a bit much for some budgets these days, there are many stores that carry their own store brand version of Cetaphil, which is usually a few dollars cheaper.  The bottom line is I am so impressed with this product that I am convinced there should be a bottle of Cetaphil, or the store brand equivalent, at every woman’s washbasin, in every woman’s shower, and at every woman’s makeup table at all times.  (more…)


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