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I’ve written about Acupuncture a few times on this blog and will probably do so many more times as there is yet much to be said on the issue.  Acupuncture  has by far become the most important means in my life that has allowed me, and even encouraged me, to make some much-needed changes in my lifestyle.  It’s these lifestyle changes that I’d like to share with the reader in hopes that it might encourage just one person.

People sometimes need to hear the message that change in huge steps is not required.  In fact change in tiny miniscule steps is not only possible but is actually preferred, so the person doesn’t get overwhelmed at any point along the path.  As mentioned above its Acupuncture that made these changes possible for me.

I was so very lucky to be put in contact with an Acupuncturist, trained in Korea for 15 years, who was able to use those precious little needles to relieve 40 long horrible years of severe chronic pain.  I slowly went from walking hunched over a four-wheeled walker, to standing upright using a cane, and then finally standing upright and walking on my own.  I, as well as those who knew me before my visits to the Acupuncturist, consider my progress nothing short of a miracle.  What followed later, in my life, was equally miraculous for me.

The Acupuncturist took my severe pain from an 11 and 12, where an epidural was needed for relief, down to an ongoing 5 and 6.  (I have no doubt that will get even better with time as well.)  This kind of pain relief allowed me to move around much more and discover various exercises that furthered easier movement. 

This easier movement allowed me to exercise with a certain comfort.  No exercise is easy at first but even modest efforts bring a few results, which leads to a desire to accomplish even more.  One important  exercise is the “Forearms Plank” and “The Plank” and yes they are related.  The basic difference here is one exercise is one on the forearms and toes, whereas the other is done on the toes and flat hands.  If you want good flat core muscles then these are the two best exercises you can do.  At first, I would suggest trying for a mere 15 seconds and adding just a few second every other time you do this exercise.  With time I also got into “Tai Chi” and “Yoga”, neither one needing extra equipment of any kind.  My advice is take it easy because regardless of what you’ve heard exercise is NOT supposed to hurt, it’s supposed to strengthen you and help you.

To date I have lost 16 pounds and have taken an entire dress size off, which of course makes me want to see how much more I can accomplish.


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